Mercedes Benz 190 SL

This Mercedes-Benz 190 SL has been lavishly restored and is presented, both visually and mechanically, as perfect as when it was first delivered in 1955!

Our ID 1113
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Model 190 SL
Produced 1955-1963
Year 1955
Steering Left Hand Drive
Exterior Red
Interior Black
Engine 4 In-line
Capacity 1,884 cc
Power 77kW/105bhp
Extras White wall tyres, owners manual, tool kit, "Matching Numbers", optional: luggage set (2-/3-pieces) in interior colour

...or what was it actually like in those days?

In the mid-fifties, people were once again in a position to afford consumer goods and the automotive industry brought higher-value cars onto the German market. At the time, there were calls to increase sales in the important American market by Hoffmann, the US importer, through attractive sports car models. Therefore, at short notice, Mercedes-Benz decided to develop a new sports car range. It was the birth of a gorgeous 190-SL series, which was launched in February 1954 in New York and was already in production by January 1955. The abbreviation SL stands for Sport Light and was actually the mark of the 300 series. The use of SL for the 190 was aimed at adding value to the series. However, in the 190 SL brochure, the more appropriate term “touring sports car” was used. In total, 25,881 examples were produced.

...or how it really is. Original, given a facelift or fully restored?

With a chassis number ending in 00434, this particular 190 SL is one of the first 500 vehicles produced. In 2014 it was fully renovated to the highest level by specialist restorers. It is presented visually and mechanically in mint condition - the same quality as when it was originally delivered. Since restoration is has not been driven and the work is documented. 

...or what is it like to drive?

In its high quality, restored state the 190 looks simply gorgeous and you can hardly resist the impulse to get behind the wheel. The top can be opened in a few steps, just as quickly as in a modern vehicle. Simply close the cover with a few studs and your open-top ride can commence. When driving you can enjoy the elements and still sit comfortably and relaxed in the well-crafted leather seats. Let the legendary quality and advanced engineering standards of the SL series get to work! At the same time, enjoy the secure feeling that you have a good, stable investment with great growth potential.  

Preiskategorie B:  175.000 bis 225.000 Euro

Garantie: 1 Jahr, vollumfänglich