Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagode

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Our ID 1138
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Model 280 SL Pagode
Produced 1968-1971
Year 1971
Steering Left Hand Drive
Exterior Dark blue
Interior Dark blue Leather
Engine 6 In-line
Capacity 2.778cc
Power 132kW/179bhp
Extras 5-gear ZF gearbox, power steering, baroque rims, stainless steel exhaust, radio, extensive special equipment

... or what was that really like?

As a successor to the 190 SL the Pagode series was to meet the customer requests for a more powerful engine, more comfort, higher active and passive safety and more interior space. In the 1960s, the awareness for better safety measures in road traffic increased significantly. Mercedes was one of the pioneers in this field and increased its efforts to improve the passive safety of vehicles. With the Pagode, presented at the 1963 Geneva International Motor Show, trend-setting safety elements were introduced to the SL series: stiff passenger compartments, defined front and rear crumble zones, telescopic columns with a collapsible collar, passenger compartment without edges or corners, radial tyres and safety belts as special equipment. The 280 SL was the top model of the series.  The popular name Pagode came from the look of the concave domed hardtop, a concept for improving the available space, the panoramic view and enlargement of the passenger compartment.

... or what happened to it over the years?

German vehicle that was first registered in Germany. Data card available. Its history is documented since 1980.

... or what it's really like.

In 2013, after a body revision, it was repainted, the fabric roof was replaced, the interior was completely revised and many chrome parts were replaced by specialists. The work is documented and attestable. The vehicle is in perfect condition today. All gaps and surfaces are flawless. The entire technology is in very good condition, the exchange engine and the exchange gearbox have a mileage of approx. 50,000 km. The look: blue on the outside and blue leather on the inside – simply great either open or closed with the blue soft top. 

... or what can it still do?

With the 2.8 litre engine and the expensive ZF 5 gearbox it is the dynamic representative of the Pagode series and still easily reaches its 200 km/h top speed. The solid, stiff construction, the proven, long-lasting technology, the class look, the good running performance and its workshop friendliness can bring joy to a future owner for decades to come. Its running performance, its safety concept and the especially comprehensive extra equipment make it an ideal classic touring car, but it could also enrich a collection. With its optimum condition and its very extensive special equipment value increases are inevitable. The little extract from the special equipment with the prices from back then: Hardtop DM 1,460, ZF-5 gearbox DM 1,460, leather DM 1,049, power steering DM 600, baroque rims DM 1,332.