Mercedes-Benz 300 SE Cabriolet

Top design, advanced engine and luxury equipment!

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Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Model 300 SE Cabriolet
Produced 1962-1967
Year 1967
Steering Left Hand Drive
Exterior Silver metallic
Interior Leather Black
Engine 6 In-line
Capacity 2,975 ccm
Power 125kW/170PS
Extras Radio, electric antenna, air conditioning, leather steering wheel, USA headlamps with cleaning system, auxiliary headlamps, white wall tyres

...or what was it actually like in those days?

Compared with the W 111 series, the coupé and convertible variants differ through striking body shape changes from the sedan series. Whilst the sedans were strikingly styled with rear fins, the C-variants presented a much rounder, smoothed and streamlined shape. Although many parts were identical for cost and rationalisation reasons, the body parts of the sedan models could not be used directly for the C-models. Considerably more parts had to be made by hand, which was reflected in the price - C-models were twice as expensive as comparable sedans. The top model in the range was the luxurious 300 SE (W 112), which combines the body of the 220 SEB with its 3-litre light-alloy engine M 189, automatic transmission, air suspension, power steering and a dual circuit braking system with four disc brakes. Only 708 examples of the Cabriolet were built, so it is therefore now a very rare vehicle. Its former base price without options was 35,000 Deutschmarks – for that amount you could have bought also 6 or 7 VW Beetles!

...or how it has fared over the years?

The vehicle was delivered in July 1967 to the USA. After many years in America it returned to Germany. A delivery certificate as well as the equipment specification are available. 

...or how it really is. Original, given a facelift or fully restored?

The car has been restored a few years ago, at a high level of craftsmanship and is now mechanically and visually in top condition. 

...or what is it like to drive?

The appearance, with its silver exterior finish, the elegant wooden interior and black leather is especially harmonious for this model type. More than any other vehicle of the 60's, it conveys the style of the expensive cars of the era, with advanced air suspension, a powerful engine and extensive luxury features. Stylish trips and comfortable cruising with plenty of space are its strengths – it easily handles longer distances with surprisingly good average speed. A beautiful car to enjoy good times with family or friends and certainly a good value investment with much potential.