Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet B

The successful pre-war Mercedes-Benz 320 as an elegant four-seater Cabriolet B - recently restored to high quality.

Our ID 1112
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Model 320 Cabriolet B
Produced 1937-1942
Year 1938
Steering Left Hand Drive
Exterior Black
Interior Beige Leather
Engine 6 In-line
Capacity 3.207cc
Power 57kW/78bhp
Extras Chrome spoked wheels, white sidewall tyres, additional headlamps, luggage set

... or what was that really like?

A top-class vehicle showing the peak performance of the German automotive industry in the 1930s. The new 320 replaced the 290 in 1937. The chassis of 290 continued to be used, onto which the now longer and wide bodies were placed in the then usual variety of bodies. The 320 was designed as a luxurious touring car with which even longer distances could be effortlessly covered. Even though it does not have a sporty design, it is characterised by a good road holding and pleasant, power-saving handling. Due to the generally inferior fuel quality and the poor performance caused by this the capacity of the engine was later increased to 3.4 L. A measure that all other German car manufacturers also carried out back then. The performance and torque values remained unchanged. The civilian version of the 320 was produced 5,189 times in the Mannheim plant and, as the Cabriolet B version, costed around RM 10,000. A great many specimens were conscripted by the Wehrmacht and were lost in the commotion of the Second World War and thereafter. 

... or what it's really like.

The vehicle has recently been technically and visually restored to the highest skilled level by specialists. No journeys have been made with the vehicle since its restoration. It is in immaculate condition; everything works perfectly. The work carried out is comprehensively documented with photos. An H certificate and documents regarding a well-known first owner in Scandinavia are available. 

... or what can it still do?

In its condition it would fit very well into a high-quality collection. However, this representative vehicle, with its reserved colouring, is also ideal for stylish drives and presentations at events. The successful body shape and coherent design works particularly well with soft top open. In the 1930s, the Mercedes-Benz 320 was considered the epitome of a representative and comfortable touring car with lots of space.  With its successful, timeless combination of elegance and sportiness the A and B versions of the cabriolets were the most attractive versions of the series. Today, the perfect proportions inspire more than ever and make the 320 on offer, with its excellent technology, to a historical dream car, the value of which will definitely continue to rise – an upgrade to any collection!