Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing

Gullwing 300 SL - the phenomenal design and attractive technology married together with sports car performance, its premium price and its rarity make it a milestone in the development of the motor car. 

Technical Specification
Our ID 301
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Model 300 SL Gullwing
Produced 1954-1957
Year 1954
Steering Left Hand Drive
Exterior Graphite grey (DB 190)
Interior Red leather
Engine 6 In-line
Capacity 2,996 cc
Power 158kW/215bhp
Extras -

Vehicle available


The Era...

...or what was it really like back then? 

The middle of the 1950s saw the beginning of the German economic miracle. Growth was the order of the day and some people found themselves able to afford things once again. At the same time the demand for attractive sports cars in the important US market was carried over to Mercedes by general importer Hoffmann resulting in increased sales. Mercedes-Benz decided to develop and sell new sports car models as a result of this situation. This was the moment the legendary and innovative 300 SL series was born, introduced in New York in 1954 and based on the successful racing car from Le Mans. The abbreviation stands for “Sport Light” (Ger. “Sport Leicht), realised by a tubular space frame and light steel or aluminium construction. The Gullwing achieved legendary status and only 1,400 of them were ever made. It was the embodiment of the super sports car and backed this accolade up with many spectacular racing victories, an attribute retained to this day. The car is one of the most successful symbioses between perfectly conceived design and cutting-edge technology which definitely had its price at the time. 


The History...

...or how it fared over the years.

The first release took place in the USA and had this graphite grey colour. Various owners are known according to the Mercedes register. The vehicle returned to Germany in 1999 and has since been technically tuned and thoroughly restored with an aluminium body and conversion of the front axle brakes to disc brakes. 

The Condition...

...or how it really is.

The car has been thoroughly restored at specialist workshops since its return and re-equipped with disc brakes on the front axle. The technical and aesthetic condition is therefore first class. 

Its Use...

...or what can it still do?

The vehicle attracts fascinated looks wherever it goes, both when stationary and being driven. Based on the famous winning racing car from the 1952 Le Mans Grand Prix, the Gullwing is the first supercar from the post war period - and the car radiates this quality even today. It is simply a feast for the senses and will forever be in the league of dream cars. As an early example of the series it was furnished with an aluminium body during the restoration and optimised by the conversion to disc brakes on the front axle. These features guarantee a secure investment which will hold its value and bring the potential for increase! It can complement and add value to a suitable collection but can also be driven at events due to its good technical condition.